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Richmond Christian School




Reports to: Superintendent

Job Category: Senior Leadership Team Member

Work Arrangement: Full-time (1.0 FTE)

Location: All Campuses (Elementary, Middle and Secondary)

Employment Year: Aug 1 to July 30

Compensation: Commensurate with experience and the RCS salary grid

Benefits Eligibility: Yes



The Director of Educational Support Services (ESS) position is responsible for the leadership and supervision of Richmond Christian School’s Educational Support Services program.

The Director of ESS works in close harmony and collaboration with the Campus Principals, other members of the senior leadership team, the campus ESS Coordinators and Educational Assistants (EAs) to ensure the delivery of a comprehensive ESS program at RCS.

The Director is responsible to ensure that all Ministry of Education requirements are in place, will provide oversight of the various processes within the department to ensure that supports for diverse student needs are explored.  The Director will oversee and support the ESS staff members at all three campuses, as well as assist with the hiring and supervision of the Educational Assistants.



Education & Experience

  • Bachelor of Education (minimum)
  • Appropriate certification and training as defined in the teacher contract
  • Special education training and/or equivalent experience



  • Committed follower of Jesus Christ
  • Committed to the Mission, Vision and Values of Richmond Christian School
  • Committed to the RCS Lifestyles Policy
  • Agreement with RCS Statement of Faith



Internal: Superintendent, ESS Coordinators, Campus Principals and Vice Principals, Teachers, Support Staff, Students

External: Parents, Core Support Service Providers, SCSBC, Ministry of Education, etc.



Below are the primary responsibilities of the Director of Student Support Services. The tasks are not exhaustive but do represent many of the related tasks.


With Students:

  • acts as an advocate for the students, both individually and collectively, in school decision-making
  • familiarizes self with individual student needs
  • observes or arranges for observations of students in their classroom and other instructional settings
  • ensures the ESS Coordinators develop and update Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for ministry designated students
  • ensures the appropriate support services are in place for students (i.e. Behaviour Consultant, Psychology, School Counselling, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, etc.)
  • ensures that necessary psycho-educational assessments are completed as required


With ESS Coordinators, collaboratively:

  • provides oversight of Education Assistants (EAs) – including coordination of yearly placement and assignments
  • provides ongoing support, resources for EAs
  • communicates with ESS Coordinators on a regular and scheduled basis
  • observes ESS Coordinators and EAs in teaching and supporting situations
  • conducts performance evaluations for EA’s based on staff evaluation guidelines
  • arranges professional learning opportunities
  • provides information/clarification for EAs employment and contract related issues


With Teaching Staff:

    • Consults regarding individual student needs
    • Consults in preparation and ongoing review of the students’ IEPs
    • Assists and supports opportunities and education for differentiation of instruction within classrooms
    • in collaboration with the ESS Coordinators, assists in developing and implementing behaviour support plans to be conveyed to the entire school staff in order to achieve consistency
    • provides ongoing support and resources to assist with meeting the needs of all learners
    • provides input into classroom placement for students with diverse learning needs

With School Administration

  • informs administration of student needs, and, the programs and support services in place for students with diverse learning needs
  • informs administration of staff, parent, or student concerns (when pertinent)
  • informs administration of EA scheduling and performance evaluations
  • recommends staffing needs and levels to support student programs
  • participate in interviews for EA applicants
  • participates in Senior Leadership Team meetings
  • prepares information for the annual budget that includes:
  • information regarding the total FTE of educational support staff required for the coming year
  • provide a list of EAs with their contract status for the following year
  • budget amounts for support services, assessments, professional development, and resources needed to support student learning and programming


With Parents (in collaboration with ESS Coordinators)

  • ensures parents are consulted and included in the development of the students’ IEPs
  • consults and partners with parents about support services and programming including requirements/timelines for psycho-educational assessments


Professional Development

In order to stay current of trends and issues in inclusive education in general, and in BC in particular, it is imperative that the Director of Educational Support Services engages in regular and ongoing professional development (beyond the requirements of the teaching contract) through activities such as:

  • participation in SCSBC networking and other provided sessions
  • ongoing coursework in relevant educational opportunities
  • professional reading


Administrative Tasks

  • remains informed of changes in ministry funding requirements or other related ministry information
  • ensures required documentation is present in each ministry designated file for students to be reported on 1701 documentation
  • ensures students are reported to the Ministry of Education by the required deadline dates
  • ensures supports are in place for students requiring additional technology and/or other program support (i.e. Special Education Technology BC, referrals to Provincial Resource Programs, or other outside agencies)
  • arranges contracts for outside support services (i.e. Behaviour Consultant, Psychology, School Counselling, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, etc.) in partnership with ESS Coordinators


Application Instructions

To apply send the following to Mr. Roger Grose:

  • Resume
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Statement of faith
  • Personal Testimony
  • References


While we truly appreciate your interest in Richmond Christian School, only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Applications will be accepted until a suitable candidate is found.