High School Resource Teacher – Humanities Back to Jobs

We are seeking Resource Teachers with a minimum of 5 years of experience who

can communicate effectively with staff, students, and parents. Resource teachers

have significant responsibility in helping children and adolescents develop the

academic, behavioral, and social skills to fully grasp curriculum. They have the ability to modify

teaching methods to target the unique needs of students with learning disabilities. Resource teachers

support Tier 1 in the MTSS model. Resource teachers will be able to assess student progress and be

able to communicate that with all stakeholders. In high school, resource teachers will need to provide

life skills training or career counseling to prepare for after graduation. Resource teachers must attend

regular professional development to learn new instructional strategies and be confident in coaching

and mentoring teachers.


Main responsibilities:

  • Collaborates with Classroom Teachers to offer tier 1 supports which can include various

accommodations, adaptations, and modifications (i.e. push in and pull out)

  • Works alongside the Resource Teacher Coordinator and divisional Educational Support

Services Coordinator; Participates in the K-12 Resource Team

  • Supports those with diverse learning needs (with a focus on students with Q and/or P


  • Develops and implements Learning Support Plans and Individualized Education Plans
  • Uses best practices, learning interventions, and educational assessments and to support

student learning

  • Have a deep understanding of the importance of the Response to Intervention (RTI) form and

the inclusive education approach to teachers

  • Provides instructional coaching to classroom teachers within the classroom setting
  • Maintains clear and consistent communication with parents and students


We are seeking applicants who:

  • Are BC certified teachers; with the ability to care for the holistic growth of students and

understand students for their potential

  • Have a minimum of five (5) years of teaching experience or other relevant experience
  • Have completed a graduate degree in Special Education, a Diploma in Special Education or at

least three (3) relevant university-level courses in Special Education; and a keen interest in

learning research; Aspiring resource teachers will need to take courses on their own accord to

study adaptive curriculum, learning disabilities, instructional methods, and assistive


  • Have a specialization in a core content area like English, Social Studies, Mathematics, or


  • Are committed to Christian Education
  • Think and work adaptively; with the ability to provide strategic input to teachers and families