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DCS invites applications for a library technician. This is a part-time position (approximately 50%).  

Responsibilities include:

  • Envisioning how the library space and program can be integrated into and enhance overall learning experiences of our students
  • Leading and coordinating our library program
  • Using literature to interact  with students
  • Ordering materials, cataloging books, and organizing the library
  • Effectively using computer and software systems related to the library program (Google Apps for Education, Destiny)
  • Facilitating the use of online resources
  • Lending books to students and staff
  • Alerting students and staff to new or helpful books and resources
  • Working with each elementary class (PreK-7)
  • Providing welcoming and comfortable library/learning spaces

There may be opportunities to grow the position by taking on a learning support role, which could add 10-20% more time to this position.  

It is not necessary that this position be filled by a BC Certified teacher.  Salary for this position would reflect qualifications.

This position begins in late August at the start of the 2021-2022 school year and has the potential to become a permanent, continuing position.

Duncan Christian School seeks staff members who are looking to work with its existing staff who see their work as part of something bigger – an act of worship for the Kingdom of God.  Our staff focus on providing engaging learning opportunities and importantly, seek to give students many opportunities to take part in formational practices that nurture disciples of Jesus.  Rather than simply informing students with the latest content, aiming hearts at Jesus through how we teach, how we interact with one another, and how we love rightly* is a hugely important part of our community. (*Quote from James K.A. Smith, “Desiring the Kingdom”, 2009)

DCS is pleased to welcome approximately 400 PreK-12 students, including about 115 indigenous students from Cowichan Tribes. These families are part of our identity and add richly to the cultural diversity of the school.  We seek staff who have a heart for all types of people from all backgrounds, socio-economic situations, and cultures.  Our staff work hard to create an environment where children and youth feel a strong sense of acceptance and belonging.

DCS is located on the eastern side of Vancouver Island in the beautiful Cowichan Valley.  Duncan Christian School has undergone significant growth over the past ten years and is currently operating at or near capacity.  Most Cowichan Valley churches are represented within our school community and we are a non-denominational Christian school with an open enrolment policy. Duncan Christian School is governed by a 6-10 member board of directors representing the membership of Duncan Christian School.  Our World Belongs to God is a document that is affirmed by our society and included in our school bylaws. It may help you understand the Reformed roots that continue to impact our mission and vision.

Please explore our website or Facebook page for more information about Duncan Christian School.

To apply, please submit the following by email to Peter Terpstra, Principal, at

– cover letter

– resume (with references)

– a statement of your personal faith

Staff at DCS must abide by the policies set forth in the employment contract. For teaching positions, all teachers are required to be certified by the Province of BC.