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Mount Cheam Christian School Society
48988 Yale Road, Chilliwack, B.C. V4Z 0B2 Canada

JOB TITLE: Secondary School Teacher



  1. Teach secondary school students according to approved curriculum from a Christian and Biblical perspective based on the doctrinal viewpoint of the Reformed Congregations in North America (RCNA)
  2. May be required to teach Humanities subjects such as Social Studies, Geography, English Literature, or Physical and Health Education.
  3. Prepare courses for presentation to students according to approved curriculum
  4. Teach students using lessons, visual presentations and field-trips
  5. Lead students in activities to promote their physical, mental and social development
  6. Assign and correct homework
  7. Prepare, administer and correct tests
  8. Evaluate the progress of students, and discuss individual needs of students and progress results with students, parents and school officials
  9. Participate in staff meetings, educational conferences and teacher training workshops
  10. Identify children’s individual learning needs.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Full-time, Temporary

WAGE AND HOURS OF WORK: $60,000 to $83,000 per annum ($38.46 to $53.21 per hour) depending on experience and credentials.
Salary based on 40 hours a week for 39 weeks of work per year (excluding term breaks). Equal payment over twelve months.

BENEFITS: Not applicable

LOCATION OF WORK (LOCAL AREA, CITY OR TOWN): 48988 Yale Road, Chilliwack, B.C. V4Z 0B2 Canada

CONTACT INFORMATION: Mr. Jan Neels, Principal at


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in education

Work Experience: At least 10 years of experience as a secondary school teacher

Credentials: Hold or be eligible for the BC Provincial teaching certificate

Language: English.

Security and Safety: Criminal Record Check

Other: Mount Cheam Christian School (“MCCS”) is a faith-based independent school. Applicants should subscribe to the Mission, Purpose and Goals of the MCCS Society. Applicants should be members of the Reformed Congregation in North America, or closely affiliated denominations.

HOW TO APPLY: Send your resume with a statement of faith to