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Guiding Schools to Flourish

“It is impossible for schools to flourish without a high functioning, strategic, exceptional school board and leadership team supporting it.” —Henry Contant

Purpose & Use of this Book

Built on over thirty years of sharing governance and leadership best practices among faith-based schools in Canada, USA, and Australia, Guiding Schools to Flourish: Board Governance and School Leadership is a collection of thirty short articles on school governance and leadership. Written by Executive Directors, Henry Contant (2003–2015) and Edward Noot (2014–present), for The Link magazine.

This practical resource offers ongoing professional development for school board members and school leaders, with articles featuring three key discussion questions to prompt further board dialogue and reflection. The book can be used to:

• initiate a ‘stand-alone’ board discussion on a relevant board governance and leadership topic which could be embedded periodically into board agendas

• form the basis for guiding a more in-depth governance training session within an annual school board retreat setting

• provide a variety of relevant and practical materials to support ongoing professional development governance training for board members

Invest in Board Governance Training

A review copy is available for free upon request for SCSBC member schools. Email to receive your review copy. Multiple copies can be provided for school boards & senior leadership teams.

Non-member price: $20.00 CAD plus GST and shipping & handling. Please email to arrange purchase.

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