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POSITION TITLE                 Head of Middle School

LOCATION:                          Wagga Wagga Christian College, 401 Kooringal Rd, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

THIS POSITION                   All positions are ultimately responsible to the Principal

REPORT TO:                       All positions functionally report to the Principal

AGREEMENT                      NSW Christian Schools Teaching Staff Multi- Enterprise Agreement – 2021-2023

SPECIAL CONDITIONS       You will be expected to live out and promote the Christian aims, ethos and vision of the College. You will be expected to adhere to all of the College’s policies. You will be expected to actively develop and commit to the partnership of the Senior Executive.  This role frequently requires cooperation and collaboration with other College leaders to ensure effective communication and decision making.



To assist the Principal in the efficient and effective operation of the College, particularly the Middle School.

The Head of Middle School leads a teaching and administrative team of one of the College’s developmentally staged schools and reports to the Principal.  In this function, the Head of Middle School is a member of the College’s Executive, a member of the College Curriculum team and is responsible to the Principal for staff management, pastoral care and the academic performance in the Middle School.

The Head of School leads and manages the activities of students and teachers, in line with the College Vision and Values statement, in the following areas – pastoral care, academic performance, classroom practice, administration, and budget and staff management.  The Head of Middle School is responsible for the relationship and interaction of the students, staff and parents of the College.  Implicit in the role of the Head of Middle School is involvement in College-wide initiatives, responsibilities, events and programs.

The appointee will have a leading role in articulating the values and culture of the College and a personal presence and highly effective communication in relationships with students, staff, parents and alumni.





  • Actively support and promote the Christian ethos and vision of the College in a manner that is inclusive and sensitive to the life experiences of students, parents and staff
  • At all times promote the College’s Christian core values in ways that are practical and accessible
  • Help to develop, implement and evaluate the College’s Strategic Plan as appropriate
  • Demonstrate an ability to forgive and accept forgiveness


 Middle School Culture 

  • Lead in the development of a culture to enable Middle School students to thrive
  • Coordinate the cultural tone, academic and disciplinary aspects of students in the Middle School in consultation with the Middle School Team and other members of the Executive
  • Take an active and enthusiastic role in the day to day life of the College
  • Develop a Team of staff who support the academic, social, physical and spiritual growth of Middle School students
  • Be up to date with contemporary Middle School literature and research, connecting with professional networks
  • Coordinate Middle School assemblies and events


Student Management

  • Manage and monitor student behaviour and welfare in the Middle School in partnership with the welfare team, Executive, Faculty Coordinators and Middle School teachers
  • Review disciplinary procedures for students


Student Wellbeing

  • Establish and maintain positive working relationships with Middle School students to support their education
  • Support programmes which have the benefits and progress of the students at their core
  • Oversee, develop, maintain and evaluate the delivery of the welfare systems
  • Provide leadership in managing the needs of the Middle School students
  • Craft a broad definition of success expressed in cultural, academic, spiritual and/or other terms as required. To enable each student to find ‘their story’, their cause celebre
  • Liaise with the Counsellor(s) on matters pertaining to the Middle School students and their stage of growth
  • Promote initiatives to maximise the potential for success that may be possible for each individual student


Staff Wellbeing

  • Actively support Middle School staff wellbeing.
  • Present to the Principal significant concerns and feedback from staff
  • Liaise and confer with staff responsible for teaching the students in Years 5-8


Parent and Community Liaison

  • Partner with parents of Middle School students offering support, guidance and care as required
  • Enthuse staff and develop structures for active parent engagement.
  • Organise appropriate representation of the College at functions within the College and the wider community
  • Update the community regularly via the College newsletter and other forms of communication


Teaching and Learning

  • Possess a thorough knowledge of the NSW NESA requirements in areas effecting Middle School.
  • Lead staff effectively with special reference to NESA and Middle School Pedagogy
  • Liaise with the Executives on the implementation of the Middle Years Programme
  • Model effective teaching practices
  • Prepare and teach the number of periods per week as designated by the College
  • Develop and uphold the College’s Graduate Attributes
  • Work collaboratively as part of an educational team for the provision of a quality environment and curriculum



  • In partnership with the Community Relations Officer, market the Middle School as a preferred place of education to prospective parents and students
  • Oversee the transition and orientation of students into the Middle School
  • Collaborate with staff and parents to provide effective support for students as they commence each year of study
  • Oversee appropriate preparation for Year 8 to move to Senior School in consultation with staff



  • Lead teachers and support staff to ensure smooth administrative operation of Middle School, including Parent events, communication, record keeping, student services and staff matters
  • Participate as a member of the College Executive and other relevant Sub-committees
  • Implement and oversee suitable processes which ensure the quality of Middle School reports
  • Oversee the development of annual Middle School budgets and facilitate approved expenditure where appropriate
  • Oversee the development of timetables and allocation of resources as necessary
  • Collaborate with other operational areas of the College – Enrolments, Community Relations, Information Technology, Administration staff, Learning Support and the Grounds/Maintenance amongst others – to achieve the objectives of the Middle School
  • Assist in the development and production of external College publications including the newsletter, Yearbook, media releases, and social media posts.
  • Support the College Student Leadership program
  • Promote and monitor safe risk-taking with activities
  • Establish, monitor and evaluate policies, practices, systems, and environments to ensure the smooth, effective and safe running of the Middle School
  • Develop agendas, chair and keep suitable records of regular Middle School team meetings
  • Management of large volumes of data – forms, student information curriculum documents,

e-mail etc.




  • Exemplary interpersonal skills
  • The ability to think strategically, to analyse and manage data, to make sound judgements and routinely to report progress to the Principal and the Executive
  • Strong administrative and management skills and appropriate qualification
  • A sound understanding of the diverse elements that contribute to the efficient operation of the College
  • Full support of the academic, pastoral and community elements of the College life
  • Loyalty to the College and its educational vision
  • Strong verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills
  • Active participation in the life of the College
  • Demonstrated and active involvement in local Church
  • Enactment of transformational leadership
  • Attention to detail with high standards of achievement and presentation
  • A broad understanding of the development and educational needs of adolescents and young adults
  • A deep appreciation of the particular learning styles, social and emotional needs of students within the continuum of the College
  • Proven leadership and staff management skills
  • Well-developed skills in the management and guidance for students
  • Maintaining the highest standards of student behaviour and presentation
  • Lead the team of both homeroom and classroom teachers
  • Management of staff performance within the Middle School
  • Organisation and administration of the College’s operation and environment
  • Manage the transition of students between the year levels and new students to the College
  • Development of structures and processes to enable College priorities to be achieved
  • Demonstrated skills in the management of parent-College relationships
  • Promotion of the College within the parent and wider community
  • The qualifications necessary to teach in the Middle School
  • Demonstrated expertise in teaching and leading




Persons reporting to the Head of School will include:

  • Faculty Coordinators
  • Staff in Middle School
  • Home room teachers in the Middle School


Persons with whom the Head of School is required to consult and will receive the support of include:

  • College Executive
  • Counsellors
  • Learning Support
  • Office Manager
  • Finance Department
  • Facility Manager
  • Director of Music
  • Sports Coordinator



  • Degree in Teaching or equivalent
  • Masters in Christian Education is desirable or a willingness to undertake study in this area




The performance of Middle School will be reviewed annually against goals set in collaboration with the Principal.

Contribution to Co-Curricular activities such as camps, retreats and cultural events both during the week and out-of-hours (including weekends) may be required from time to time.

The Head of Middle School is expected to maintain a teaching role with the College.