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HCOS: Flex Academy is a new JK-12 campus school in Kelowna, BC, that opens for student enrollments in January 2023 and is set to be in session for September 2023.

In this Christ-focused, campus-based program, we combine the best of classroom experience with the versatility of online tools to develop a Hybrid model of education that is as expansive and flexible as possible. We are launching an instructional model wherein we use a digital curriculum to support teachers, creating more time to practice project-focused and experience-based learning and develop more meaningful connections with students.

As students get older, a digital curriculum can also create opportunities for students to have more flexible schedules, allowing them to pursue competitive sports, meet their individualized learning goals more effectively, access supports for mental and emotional health, and pursue individual passion areas. Leaning on the expertise and resources of our broader organization, Heritage Christian Online School is furthering what we believe education can be with the aim of best serving every student.

We are building a dream team of teachers, support staff, and administrative leaders that exemplify innovative thinking, relational drive, and courageous connection. Teachers will be hired as subject experts rather than as grade-level experts. For example, if you are interested in primary humanities or intermediate STEM, you can specialize in the area you are the most passionate about. Additionally, all staff will be active mentors in students’ lives. We are looking for teachers who combine a love of their subject with a love of students and a love of God.

Please visit our website: flex.academy to learn more about our mission, values, and program and check out our job postings in all departments and grade ranges.

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Check out our website for more details: https://jobs.kccsociety.ca/job/flex-academy-job-announcements