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Starting date: August 2021

Job Description

Duncan Christian School seeks a visionary leader with a strong commitment to
Christian education who will provide relational leadership for our community-focused,
diverse, and Kingdom-oriented school.

DCS is blessed with a staff who see their work as part of something bigger – an act of
worship for Kingdom purposes. Our staff focus on providing engaging learning
opportunities and importantly, seek to give students many opportunities to take part in
formational practices that nurture disciples of Jesus. Rather than simply informing
students with the latest content, aiming hearts at Jesus through how we teach, how we
interact with one another, and how we love rightly* is a hugely important part of our
community. (*Quote from James K.A. Smith, “Desiring the Kingdom”, 2009)

DCS is blessed to welcome over 400 PreK-12 students, including approximately 115
indigenous students from Cowichan Tribes. These families are part of our identity and
add richly to the cultural diversity of the school. We seek a leader who has a heart for
all types of people from all backgrounds, socio-economic situations, and cultures. This
is a leader who desires to continue nurturing an environment where children and youth
feel a strong sense of acceptance and belonging.

DCS is located on the eastern side of Vancouver Island in the beautiful Cowichan
Valley. Duncan Christian School has undergone significant growth over the past ten
years and is currently operating at or near capacity. Most Cowichan Valley churches
are represented within our school community and we are a non-denominational
Christian school with an open enrolment policy. Duncan Christian School is governed by
a 6-10 member board of directors representing the membership of Duncan Christian
School. Our World Belongs to God is a document that is affirmed by our society and
included in our school bylaws. It may help you understand the Reformed roots that
continue to impact our mission and vision.

DCS seeks a PreK-12 school Principal with a deep heart for seeing young people thrive
and brings a holistic approach to Christian education. The Principal will report to the
board of directors and work collaboratively within the leadership team to provide
leadership within the broader school community. The successful candidate will have a
passion for Christian education and proven strengths in the areas of community and
relationship building, fostering student learning, strong communication and listening
skills, integration of biblical worldview in education, leading and empowering
staff/faculty, and parent engagement. The Principal will work closely with two Assistant
Principals, the Director(s) of Student Support, the Athletic Director and the Development

Evidence of Qualifications:

● BC teaching certification (or the ability to hold such a certification)
● Master’s Degree (or working towards one)
● Demonstrated school leadership (principal, vice/assistant-principal, etc.)
● Evidence of positive relationships with students, staff, and parents through references and current leadership practices
● Evidence of strong written communication skills through the quality of resume, and attachments
● Completed application package
● Involvement in a Christian church

● 5+ years teaching experience
● Master’s Degree (in Educational Leadership or related area of focus)
● Experience teaching/leading in a Christian School
● Experience working with indigenous families and/or families from diverse backgrounds
● Experience working with families from a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds
● Experience with school-wide organizing and planning, budgeting and facility management
● Experience working with boards and committees
● Knowledge of student support services
● Understanding of services and supports provided through SCSBC (The Society of Christian Schools in BC)
● Knowledge of ‘21st century learning’, inquiry learning, and/or project-based learning
● Knowledge of best practices related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, technology, and school community


In your cover letter please address, among other things, the following:
● Your motivation for applying
● Your interest in working within an ethnically and denominationally diverse school community
● Your interest in ensuring the authentic integration of faith and learning
● Your commitment to student learning

Please attach:
● Philosophy of Christian education (1 page)
● Statement of faith (1 page)
● Sample of professional communication (school newsletter or other parent communication, communication to staff/faculty and communication to students)

Apply to:
Please send applications directly to:
Charlene Olson, Search Committee Chairperson