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Willowdale Christian School (WCS) is hiring a new Principal. Our current Principal is retiring, and this has opened up an amazing opportunity for a devoted Christ-follower to take over and continue to provide clear, Christ-centered vision and leadership for our school of almost 200 students, at a time when WCS is financially stable and well-primed for expansion.

WCS is blessed with experienced and capable teaching and administrative staff (15+) who are passionate about delivering excellence in Christian education in the heart of Toronto.

The Board of Trustees governs the school and together with the Principal, provides strategic direction and leadership to WCS, all informed by a Biblical worldview and with a desire to see our students become responsible citizens who are discerning, passionate Christians.

Educational & Experience Requirements
• B.A. / B.Ed. – required
• M.A. / M.A.T. – preferred
• M.Ed. – preferred
• OCT – required
• CSTC / CSPC – preferred (required to complete if hired)
• Has held a Vice Principal or Principal role at another school
• Has more than 3 years teaching experience
• Previously worked in a Christian School where the candidate has demonstrated spiritual leadership

If you are interested in this exciting and challenging opportunity with WCS, we kindly invite you to submit the following documents to (
• Resume and cover letter
• Statement of your philosophy of Christian education
• Statement of personal faith

Upon selection, we will require:
• A pastoral reference letter from your local church
• Three references (2 professional & 1 personal)
• Vulnerable sector screening

As a member of Edvance Christian Schools, compensation for the position will align with Edvance recommendations.

We would like to thank all applicants for their interest and for taking the time to apply. However, only those applicants selected to move forward to the interview stage will be contacted.

Principal’s Roles and Responsibilities

The following provides an overview of the ideal candidate in their role:

Spiritual Leadership
• Has a personal and public belief that God is the Creator of everything; that we are all broken sinners and that we can only be made whole through the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
• Is of good Christian character – demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit in their life and seeks to serve God, exemplifying integrity, courage and compassion
• Is a mature Christian with a worldview aligned with the foundations of the school, who is able to articulate the theological/Biblical foundations of the school to current and prospective parents and staff
• Able to provide spiritual leadership to the staff and students through modelling, mentoring and prayer
• Able to provide Godly advice and wisdom to both students and parents, when appropriate
• Able to inspire students to grow in Christ
• Ensures the school is a safe and welcoming place for the many denominations represented within the school community
• Demonstrates a desire to grow in faith and to see genuine worship take place within the school community

Educational Leadership
• Manages administrative and teaching staff (with the assistance of the Vice Principal)
• Provides strong leadership and guidance in alignment with the strategic goals of WCS
• Inspires and motivates WCS staff members, Board members and the community to carry out the successful implementation of our strategic plan
• Is actively involved in staff meetings, professional development, assemblies and chapels
• Guides staff to create a professional development plan that enables them to enhance their current teaching strategies and to develop their individual gifts and talents
• Has a demonstrated ability to personally invest in, mentor, motivate and encourage teachers and staff to engage in continual growth, development and improvement
• Is keen to add more Bible-based educational components and to see more expressions of faith implemented into the regular student routines at WCS, while maintaining a high standard in terms of curriculum content
• Applies their knowledge and experience to ensure WCS continues to provide excellent education to students of all ability levels using current practices and pedagogy
• Researches changes in education trends and assesses emerging relevant educational technology, exploring opportunities to improve WCS programs
• Facilitates extra-curricular opportunities where students and staff can develop their gifts and abilities
• Ensures that all students, regardless of their abilities, can flourish as learners

Operational & Administrative Leadership
• Promotes WCS locally and internationally to grow student enrollment
• Leads the WCS marketing plan
• Oversees all financial expenditures in adherence with the approved school budget
• Ensures that the school adheres to or exceeds all legal and regulatory compliance requirements including health and safety standards
• Works alongside the school fundraising team and volunteers (with assistance of the administration staff)
• Organizes and delegates day-to-day operations of school functions
• Reviews existing processes and implements continuous improvements and efficiencies
• Collects information and insights for future initiatives to be reviewed and discussed with the Board and staff
• Foresees impacts and issues and provides leadership to usher in change
• Provides regular updates to the Board about school operations and presents any proposed changes to the Board for approval
• Addresses improvements to school facilities
• Has the ability to listen, discern, understand, empathize, and confidently make and enforce tough decisions
• Is a team builder, able to draw on the individual strengths of the staff to forge the teachers and staff into a unified team, all working toward a common goal with a common vision

Community Leadership
• Builds positive relationships within the broader community as a spokesperson for WCS
• Is a willing participant in all social events and a member of the WCS community
• Is an integral part of the WCS “Equip to Flourish” building transformation project
• Encourages community service opportunities for students to engage in real work, that meets a real need, for real people

To apply for this position, please e-mail all of the required documents listed above to the WCS Principal Search Committee at

Deadline: December 15, 2022

Start Date: July 1, 2023