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Providence Christian School is accepting applications for a principal, commencing August 1, 2023

The Principal of Providence Christian School is appointed by the Board of Governors of the school, and reports to the board and its various committees. The Principal is responsible for the general management and direction of Providence Christian School subject to the authority of the Board.

We are looking for a Christ-centered leader with a passion for quality Christian education who is committed to the Reformed faith. This includes demonstrated experience or abilities in the following areas:


Spiritual Leadership

The Principal is called upon to provide spiritual leadership to the school community. The Principal is expected to infuse a Reformed Christian worldview that engages the students, their teachers and the supporting staff in a singular Reformed Christian vision for learning.

This Spiritual Leadership is prescribed by:

  1. An established reputation as a visionary Christian leader who is passionate about quality Christ-centered education with a desire to grow the school spiritually.
  2. A personal lifestyle and daily practice that must be in keeping with God’s Word, the Three Forms of Unity and the school’s code of conduct
  3. An interpretation of the applicable Biblical imperatives for Christian learning that is in keeping with God’s Word, the Three Forms of Unity, and the school’s mission and vision.
  4. The leading and promotion of the devotional activities of the staff and students
  5. The maintaining and furthering of a Reformed Christian culture in the school


Administrative Leadership

The principal has the assignment of being an advisor to the Board on matters of educational policy as well as government compliance on all matters of school operation.  This involves transparent, ethical, and responsible decision-making.

The Administrative Leadership is prescribed by:

  1. The duty to ensure the respect for all federal and provincial laws and regulations applicable to the operation of the society and its school.
  2. The duty to uphold the bylaws and policies of the Board—those already in place and those to be revised or added.
  3. The duty of regular attendance at all Board meetings and to inform the Board regarding the status of the school.
  4. The duty to assist the Board in its internal flourishing in areas such as board member orientation, parliamentary procedure, meeting efficiencies, etc.
  5. Guiding and directing the development and implementation of a strategic enrolment and retention plan that supports the school’s growth.
  6. Leading and managing the development and implementation of the plans that make the school vision and mission a reality.
  7. Completing all paperwork in compliance with government mandates
  8. Able to develop relationships with other Principals, especially those in the partner schools and key members of the educational environment and organizations such as Prairie Centre for Christian Education, the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges, Alberta Education, Christian Schools Canada, etc.
  9. Be an ambassador for the cause of independent Christian education rooted in the Reformed tradition


Staff Employment Leadership

The Principal is called upon to lead all staff members. This leadership requires an understanding of employment practices and professional development to ensure a harmonious workplace.

This Staff Employment Leadership is prescribed by:

  1. The duty to respect and uphold all government legislation and regulations affecting employment relations.
  2. The responsibility to conduct proper record-keeping and oversight of all staff members accountable to the Principal.
  3. The responsibility to conduct (or make available) professional development opportunities for staff members, either individually or in groupings, so that the performance of the staff is improved.
  4. The responsibility to determine and modify the job expectations and workloads of staff members with the focus on placing staff in their areas of strength.
  5. To provide oversite in the recruitment and hiring process of new or replacement staff members as authorized by board direction.
  6. The responsibility to ensure that the board has the appropriate documents in place for fair practice with regards to annual compensation (wages, salaries and benefits) for staff members.


Learning Leadership

The Principal is entrusted with the educational purpose of the school. The Principal is called to lead the faculty in defining, developing and delivering the learning model for the students. Oversight of the program of instruction including proper assessment of student progress rests ultimately with the Principal.

This Learning Leadership is prescribed by:

  1. The responsibility to ensure that all students, regardless of their abilities, can flourish as learners.
  2. Supporting the community’s desire to be welcoming, diverse and inclusive to all students
  3. The responsibility to ensure that the faculty members are equipped materially and pedagogically to properly implement the Alberta Program of Studies.
  4. The responsibility to ensure that the parents are regularly apprised of their children’s progress in their learning.


Financial Leadership

The Principal must understand financial principles, function ethically and be able to provide insightful stewardship of the funds entrusted to the operation of school programs.


Community Leadership

The Principal, by virtue of the position, is the “de facto” spokesperson for the school and society and is accountable for this representation to the Board. All school communications, other than Board communications, are the responsibility of the Principal.

  1. The responsibility to clearly communicate the vision and mission of the school orally as well as in text.
  2. The responsibility to publish timely communications to the school parents as well as to the society members.
  3. The responsibility to ensure that the school’s social media use remains current and effective as a key school communication mode.
  4. The responsibility to be the school and society’s spokesperson regarding media inquiries.
  5. The responsibility of involvement in key community-building and promotional events.


Who We Are

Providence Christian School is situated in a beautiful southern Alberta rural community, minutes from Lethbridge.  It has grades K-12 with about 190 students and 20 staff members.

PCS offers:

  • a four-day school week
  • attractive working and living conditions
  • a growing, committed school community
  • a dedicated team of teaching staff

More details can be found at



  • Experienced teacher with training and understanding of the meaning and value of Christian-based pedagogies and methodologies
  • Having a Masters in Leadership or equivalent training is considered an asset
  • Alberta principal certification or ability to obtain it
  • Experience within the Reformed Christian school movement
  • Rooted in the Reformed faith and by experience acquainted with the history, culture, doctrines, and practices of the Reformed churches and schools.


If interested, please send the following documents to

  • Up-to-date resume
  • Cover letter
  • Statement of Faith
  • Philosophy of Christian Leadership and Teaching

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.