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Special Education Assistants Needed

1 for Elementary and 1 for High School
Beginning Fall 2021


Mountain View Christian Academy is accepting applications for the school year of 2021-22 for 2 Special Education Assistants for aiding in one-on-one teaching for children with learning challenges.


We are a nondenominational Christian school in beautiful Terrace BC. As a small Level 1 Independent School, MVCA offers K-12 education as we anchor our purpose to the authority of God’s word. Our goal is to provide a dynamic learning environment with high standards in academic as well as practical life skill applications. As we cultivate the development of sincere respect for God, our aim is to exemplify and teach:

  1. An enthusiastic approach to lifelong learning for all vocations
  2. Communication skill and development
  3. The identification and development of unique gifts
  4. Environmental and public justice in His creation
  5. Spiritual discernment and a personal walk with Jesus Christ.


We are searching for someone to join our team who desires to learn and grow with us as we raise up the next generations in a loving, Christian environment.



  • Born Again believer
  • Evidence of commitment to the Christian faith and service in the local church
  • Ability to work in a collaborative, inclusive work environment
  • Patience when working with students with learning challenges


If you would like to join our team please send in the following to mvcacademy@yahoo.ca :

  • Cover Letter including a personal statement of faith
  • Resume with at least three personal references
  • Pastoral reference letter
  • Copies of relevant training and certifications


Jeffrey Panag – Principal
Mountain View Christian Academy
3306 Griffith Street, Terrace BC V8G 0C6
Tel: (250)635-5518        Fax: (250)635-5528
Website: http://mountainviewchristianacademy.net