Strengthening Christian Schools

In close collaboration with our member schools, we provide services that include policy development, leadership and governance training, finance and development mentoring that all, ultimately, support learning. Our Directors of Learning work with schools to maintain relevant and distinctively Christian curriculum, instruction and assessment to meet the needs of all learners enrolled in our schools.

The Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia was formed four decades ago by a group of schools who could see the value of pooling resources and working together. Today, we serve a wide variety of Christian schools, both in denominational affiliation and in organizational structure. Our basis and principles are biblically based and can be ascribed to by all protestant evangelical Christians. Membership requires agreement with our constating documents and is paid by an annual fee based on student enrollment.

Not only does membership give your school access to a wide array of SCSBC services, workshops and conferences, resources and the SCSBC Member Portal, but it also puts the expertise of our staff as close to you as an email or phone call. And membership brings your school into community with over forty other Christian schools in British Columbia, a community that is characterized by cooperation and mutual support.

Your School Membership Includes

  • Access to all SCSBC services, resources and staff expertise

  • Conferences and workshops at member pricing

  • SCSBC Charitable Tax Framework

  • Access to the SCSBC Member Portal for resources and collaboration

  • FISA-BC fees (Federation of Independent School Associations in BC)

  • Follet’s Web-based Library Management Program at member pricing

  • Youthsafe Outdoors: Safety and Risk Management for Field Trips and Excursions

  • Partnership with Christian Stewardship Services

  • Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium membership

  • BC Digital Classroom

  • SCSBC Ombudsperson

Inquire About School Membership

Christian schools in British Columbia benefit from the support their membership in SCSBC brings to them. Together we can accomplish so much more. To find out about the process of becoming a member, phone our office at 604-888-6366 or email

Professional Services Membership

Our schools are often looking for professional services, so SCSBC maintains a directory of companies that our schools have recommended. Individuals or corporations who provide goods and services to educational organizations and agree with the purposes of the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia are invited to email to inquire about applying for professional membership.

SCSBC Member Schools

View the list of SCSBC member schools using this button, or browse by area using the map below. Zoom in with the plus sign; reset the size of the map by clicking the magnifying glass in the search box.

Member Schools List

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