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Residency 2021

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Residency 2021

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The Residency serves to equip Christian educators with practical professional development with anticipation that these practices will lead to deeper learning opportunities for students. Over one week teachers will participate in a growth track of their choosing and work with educational coaches and mentors in small ratio cohorts to design learning opportunities specifically catered to their current practice. 

We offer small coach-to-participant ratios to ensure all participants leave equipped and confident in introducing or continuing their deeper learning practices in their schools. Participants can choose either a professional track or a covenant track depending on their individual or school-based needs. In partnership with academic graduate institutions, participants can choose to use their Residency experience as a scaffold to a Master’s program and receive program credits. 

We are committed to working alongside schools, administrators and teachers to ensure that their professional growth fits the needs of the individual and/or the strategic priorities of their school. In partnership with SCSBC and CEBC, we are committed to offering professional development that meets the contractual obligations for Christian educators in British Columbia.

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