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    Leadership & Governance

    The Ideal Board Member

    Are you an ideal board member?” he said with a grin. After leading a governance workshop1 for one of our […]

    May 3rd, 2024

    The Character of Leadership

    What is the connection between character and leadership? The more power one has in a leadership position, the more clearly […]

    February 12th, 2024

    What’s All the Fuss About Flourishing?

    The word “flourishing” has become a bit of a buzzword in Christian schools. What do we mean when we talk about flourishing in Christian education?

    November 2nd, 2023

    Is Christian Education Worth It?

    by Ed Noot, Outgoing SCSBC Executive Director ◊ Christian education comes at a cost, a tremendous cost. It can be […]

    May 4th, 2023

    How Shall We Disagree?

    By Dave Loewen, SCSBC Executive Director ◊ There is a declining posture of humility and an increasing posture of confidence and certainty in one’s opinion; somehow, we have lost the ability to be curious towards one another.

    January 31st, 2023

    Christian Schools: Praise, Lament, Hope

    an interview with Ed Noot and Dave Loewen ◊ Darren Welcome! As many of you know, organizationally we’re part of an exciting […]

    October 4th, 2022

    Someone Needs To Be First

    by Darren Spyksma, SCSBC Director of Learning ◊

    October 4th, 2022

    Bill C-4: Opportunity or Threat?

    by Ed Noot, SCSBC Executive Director ◊ In December 2021, the Members of Canada’s Parliament unanimously consented to a motion to […]

    May 1st, 2022

    Cultivating Civic Trust

    How is it that graduates of Christian schools are more likely to believe that general society is hostile to their views? What does this say about our teaching, learning, and school structures?

    February 1st, 2022

    Humility, Hospitality, Hope

    Christian schools continue to refine their understanding of how and when to engage with culture or the social order of the day. This complex and nuanced topic has been explored by God’s people since they were enslaved in Egypt. The social complexity of our world today requires clear thinking from Christian school leaders.

    October 1st, 2021

    Being Christian

    Rowan Williams suggests that those who claim to follow Christ should embrace these three key roles as they seek to live in service to Him: Prophet, Priest, and King. Could this imperative also apply to Christian schools who bear the name of Christ and seek to embrace His identity?

    May 4th, 2021

    Double Knowledge?

    2020 was a tumultuous, discordant year in so many ways; from conspiracy theories on the pandemic to a sitting US President questioning the validity of election results, we witnessed much public discourse about knowledge. Christian schools, too, are engaged in conversations about “knowing” related to curriculum, instruction, and policy development.

    February 1st, 2021