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    March 6th, 2024

    Leadership Conference 2024

    Leadership Conference 2024: Flourishing Leaders, Flourishing Schools

    February 12th, 2024

    The Link February 2024

    Dave Loewen, Cathy Kits, Darren Spyksma, Sarah Edgar

    December 12th, 2023

    Navigate 2024 Conference

    SUSTAIN:ABLE Navigate Conference 2024
    Register today!

    November 7th, 2023

    The Link November 2023

    Dave Loewen, Tracey Yan, Darren Spyksma, Amanda Broadway & Kristie Spyksma

    September 6th, 2023

    SCSBC Regional Leadership Tour 2023

    For our member schools, the SCSBC team looks forward to connecting with you at the Regional Leadership Tour 2023. Each […]

    June 9th, 2023

    The Link May 2023

    Ed Noot, Tracey Yan, Darren Spyksma, Sarah Edgar

    April 25th, 2023

    Residency 2023

    Visit the Residency website. The Residency serves to equip Christian educators with practical professional development with anticipation that these practices will […]

    April 24th, 2023

    Leadership Conference 2023

    We invite you to join Christian school leadership teams from across British Columbia & beyond for our 24th annual SCSBC Leadership Conference, “Guiding Schools to Flourish.”

    April 24th, 2023

    Navigate Conference 2023

    Navigate Conference 2023 has passed but Navigate 2024 is just around the corner! New information to come on the SCSBC website. In the meantime, please check out photos from the 2023 conference.

    February 12th, 2023

    The Link February 2023

    Dave Loewen, Cathy Kits, Darren Spyksma, Jenny Williams & Amanda Broadway, Ed Noot

    October 26th, 2022

    The Link October 2022

    Interview with Ed Noot & Dave Loewen, Leadership articles by Darren Spyksma, John Vanderhoek, Lee Hollaar, and Henry Contant

    February 1st, 2021