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    Leadership & Governance

    Leadership & Governance

    The SCSBC staff are equipped to help your school understand and enhance leadership and governance. We work proactively with school leaders and board members, helping define their roles and supporting them in their key tasks. Effective school leaders are visionary and can chart a course for the future of your school. They also have a key fiduciary responsibility and can make responsible financial decisions while enhancing the mission and vision of your school.

    Boards are encouraged to protect the mission and vision of your school; direct school operations through strategic planning and policy development, and monitor the performance of the educational leader. Workshops, seminars, and conferences are offered to shape role definition and to support schools in the key areas of governance as outlined above. SCSBC staff can assist you with strategic planning, board governance, policy development, improving team dynamics, and leadership reviews.

    Leaders are supported in their work with school boards, staff, parents, students, and the broader community in which your school is located. In consultation with the Christian Principals Association of BC, SCSBC coordinates events that enhance leadership skills and ability and maximize opportunities for networking with other Christian School leaders.  In addition to policy development and professional development, the SCSBC also acts as a “helpline” for your school leaders, being available for communication on specific situations that your leadership team may encounter.

    SCSBC is actively involved in identifying and developing new educational leaders and strengthening current leaders; we can help your school with leadership transitions. 

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