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    Darren Spyksma  |  Associate Executive Director
    Amanda Broadway  |  Associate Director of Learning/Inclusive Education
    Kristie Spyksma  |  Associate Director of Learning/Safe & Caring Schools
    Sarah Edgar  |  International Student Program Coordinator 


    Supporting and improving learning is at the heart of SCSBC’s mission. Our Associate Executive Director and Associate Directors of Learning work to support learning in schools through professional development, resource support, mentorship, and visioning with administration and learning leaders. We aim to help schools provide quality formational and transformational learning experiences for every student. We develop professional learning networks to foster community and collaboration. 

    The Associate Executive Director and Associate Directors of Learning strive to remain on the cutting edge of educational research and innovation. Working closely with schools, professional organizations, universities and the Ministry of Education, SCSBC’s directors are current and engaged with global educational shifts and practices. Their experience and investment in many arenas positively impact SCSBC’s ability to provide advocacy and rich professional development for member schools.

    Learning Team

    Inclusive Education assists administrators, as well as special education and learning assistance coordinators, to support diversity among learners. The Associate Director of Learning is available by phone, online, or in meetings at member schools. Some of our services include providing advice, reviewing programs, and preparing for Ministry of Education accountability procedures. Inclusive Education facilitates courses, workshops, and networking sessions on various topics such as inclusion, differentiation, nonviolent crisis intervention, positive behaviour intervention, developing IEPs and assessment. These events bring schools together to work in collaborative teams as they learn together. Special education and learning assistance e-Bulletins and other notifications provide important information about Ministry of Education announcements and regional events. An extensive members-only website provides samples and templates of documents that help develop best practices for special needs programs, such as policies and procedures, working with families, individual planning, and strategies to support diversity. 

    Amanda Broadway
    Kristie Spyksma