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    French Teacher (Part-time or Full-time)

    Beginning: August 16, 2024.
    Application Deadline: May 31, 2024

    King’s Christian Collegiate is seeking an outstanding, certified high school teacher who:

    • demonstrates contagious joy and strong expertise for teaching French
    • sees French as a pathway to navigating the fullness of life as created by God, including the beauty and joy of connections, dialogue, wonder, stories, and ideas
    • is fluent in French, with excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • is passionate about teaching students to strengthen a strong oral foundation in the French language, fostering classroom community by communicating in French with interesting, relevant dialogue
    • is dedicated to skillfully and enthusiastically helping students appreciate and improve their understandings of another language through a variety of themes, modalities, and multiculturally responsive choices
    • embraces a balanced use of digital technology; honours discernment and God’s imagination for the flourishing of personhood and creation
    • is eager to continue developing as a Christian professional to prepare future-ready students in a rapidly changing world that requires good character paired with creativity and critical thinking
    • loves Jesus, is committed to following His leading, and enjoys pointing others to Him
    • is energized by teaching teenagers in highly respectful, relational, and experiential ways
    • believes in the purpose and potential of Christian education at an independent school
    • wants to contribute to the culture of care and vibrant life of our school


    What motivates our work at King’s Christian Collegiate?

    We cherish young people whose unique identities start with being image-bearers of Christ.

    We trust their attributes, abilities, insights, relationships, voices, and contributions are needed in our world.  In our four-year window of working alongside high school students, we take seriously the opportunity to shape wonder, understandings, skills, connections, empathy, the well-being of self and others, and confidence as foundations for life-long learning and impacting the common good. All of this is done while exposing students to the love, care, saving grace, and teachings of Jesus and encouraging their personal faith journeys.

    At King’s Christian Collegiate, we believe that the quality of education is greatly impacted by the staff who interact with students every day. Teachers are carefully selected for how their unique sense of personal presence and deep, enthusiastic understanding of their subject areas relates to their ability to engage and inspire students.

    As a nondenominational Christian school firmly grounded in the love of Jesus and His teachings, our Christian teachers respect the diverse backgrounds of students and aim to foster intellectual hospitality while navigating different perspectives that all of us encounter as part of life and learning. We endeavour to provide a learning environment that encourages respect, belonging, curiosity, self-leadership, collaboration, critical thinking, and growth among students.

    Foundational to excellent student learning, King’s is committed to a positive school and workplace culture and provides resources and faculty support to promote exemplary instruction and classroom design.


    New employees may also be attracted to King’s faculty distinctives such as:

    • a weekly Research & Development program
    • a teacher mentor and the collegiality of teacher workrooms
    • access to instructional coaches and opportunities to learning a coaching skillset
    • expert support and consultations with the Learning Commons Team and Student Services staff, including certified social workers
    • an assigned laptop and substantial daily professional preparation periods



    We are eager to accept applications from teachers who are captivated by our vision to provide an outstanding student learning experience in a Jesus-centred school that prioritizes holistic well-being, faith formation, and especially the exciting challenges of taking the ceiling off learning for each student while equipping them “to grow in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and people” (Luke 2:52).

    Interested, qualified candidates are welcome to submit an application package including a cover letter, resume, personal statement of Christian faith, and transcript copies to the Principal, Mrs. Lisa Conlin, at by Wednesday, May 15. Upon invitation to an interview, two professional letters of reference will be requested. Candidates should note that, in the event outstanding applicants are identified early in the search process, King’s reserves the right to make an appointment at any time. For this reason, we encourage interested candidates to apply as soon as possible.

    King’s Christian Collegiate is committed to accommodating applicants with disabilities throughout the hiring process and to maintaining an inclusive work environment. Please let us know at the time of contact if you require accommodation and provisions will be arranged.

    With gratitude to all who apply, we will only contact those who are offered an interview.