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    October 2020 Resources

    Jesus and John Wayne

    Kristin Kobes Du Mez

    Jesus and John Wayne is a thought-provoking analysis of the intersection of Evangelicalism (white) and politics in the US over the last century. Students of history and politics will enjoy the chronicle, while those who contemplate the interplay of Christ and culture will appreciate the investigation. Kobes Du Mez provides ample historical evidence while keeping the narrative moving. A compelling read for Christians in leadership positions.


    The Truth About Employee Engagement

    Patrick Lencioni

    It may be worth revisiting one of Lencioni’s popular books right now to examine his simple model for making any job more rewarding, whether you are a leader trying to motivate your staff, or an employee looking for job fulfillment. Told through an engaging story, Lencioni suggests that being known, feeling relevant, and being able to measure individual success, are the three keys to building a culture of engagement in your organization.